"I've seen Julie contribute to AICD functions in recent years. She's a very polished person in every way. I remember her moderating an AICD event and she did so astonishingly well, that I had to comment to her immediately on what an exceptional job she had done. She works with great panache and professionalism. "

John Baikie, Managing Director, MPowering Pty Ltd.

John is a former Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a former member of its Panel of Mentors.

"Julie presented at our National Conference, SOPAC ® and also at one of our 'hot topic' half day workshops. From an internal perspective, the hot topic on governance was well-attended and the delegates were very happy. The sort of feedback we received from delegates included 'good insight', 'easy to listen to', 'great grasp for subject', and 'easily approachable'.

Judging from the feedback, Julie is an excellent communicator and very experienced. She consistently scores above average ratings which makes us very happy with her contribution. "

Christopher McRostie CEO, Institute of Internal Auditors - Australia

"Julie was extremely well informed about governance and boards and also very professional. As well as that I found that she was easy to listen to and easy to ask questions of. She sharpened up my sense of responsibility, of what I'm carrying and not carrying as a director. She made it clear that you have to ask the right questions because as directors we take responsibility for certain things - ignorance is not an excuse! From a management point of view, her perspective has made me focus more closely on what I present to the Board and agenda items I put in front of them. "

Harry Wilsdon CEO, MS Society Tasmania

Harry is a Non-Executive Director of an Australian NGO

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