Governance Workshops

These workshops are suitable for aspiring and new directors or for Boards that have recently formed and are still developing a unique culture. The course can be customised to suit public sector, not-for-profit, private sector-listed and private sector-non-listed entities.

At the end of the session the Board will have articulated the role that they wish to play in the key areas of strategic planning, monitoring progress, legal compliance and succession. They will also have discussed an appropriate enterprise culture and determined the role of the board in ensuring that the desired culture is developed.

The course includes:

  • An introduction to governance
  • The role of the Board
  • The role of management
  • The rights and duties of shareholders
  • Special considerations for subsidiary Boards (optional)
  • Special considerations for international Boards (optional)
  • Board meetings and processes
  • Board reports and record-keeping
  • Chairmanship
  • Board performance improvement
  • Developing a successful business